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Music Kraken

Woodpecker CI Status

music kraken logo

If you want to use this a library or contribute, check out the wiki for more information.


You can find and get this project from either PyPI as a Python-Package, or simply the source code from Gitea. **


  • Even though everything SHOULD work cross-platform, I have only tested it on Ubuntu.
  • If you enjoy this project, feel free to give it a star on GitHub.

From source

git clone https://gitea.elara.ws/music-kraken/music-kraken-core.git
python3 -m pip install -e music-kraken-core/

To update the program, if installed like this, go into the music-kraken-core directory and run git pull.

Get it running on other Systems

Here are the collected issues, that are related to running the program on different systems. If you have any issues, feel free to open a new one.

Windows + WSL

Add ~/.local/bin to your $PATH. #2


The Genre you define at the start, is the folder my program will download the files into, as well as the value of the ID3 genre field.

When it drops you into the shell 2 main things are important:

  1. You search with s: <query/url>
  2. You choose an option with just the index number of the option
  3. You download with d: <options/url>, where the options are comma separated


The syntax for the query is really simple.

> s: #a <any artist>
searches for the artist <any artist>

> s: #a <any artist> #r <any release>
searches for the release (album) <any release> by the artist <any artist>

> s: #r <any release> Me #t <any track>
searches for the track <any track> from the release <any relaese>

The escape character is as usual \.

Matrix Space

music-kraken logo

I decided against creating a discord server, due to various communities get often banned from discord. A good and free Alternative are Matrix Spaces. I recommend the use of the Client Element. It is completely open source.

Click this invitation (https://matrix.to/#/#music-kraken:matrix.org) to join.