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    v0.0.2 Stable

    Elara6331 released this 2022-10-02 04:01:40 +00:00 | 294 commits to master since this release

    This is the second release of LURE. The most obvious bugs have been ironed out, and many features have been added.

    There is now documentation in the docs directory in the repo. The docs are not 100% complete, but contain the most important information for users and package maintainers.

    Like distros are now taken into account when performing distro overrides. This means that if you make a script containing an override for, say, Debian, it'll also be used on Ubuntu since Ubuntu is debian-based. However, if the script contains both Ubuntu and Debian overrides, the more specific one will be used.

    A prepare() function that runs before all other functions has been added. This is mainly useful to apply patches to source code and generate code with tools like go generate.

    LURE will now confirm with the user if their CPU architecture doesn't match one of the architectures listed in the package's architectures array.

    Package managers will now prompt for confirmation when doing certain operations, such as installing, removing, and upgrading.


    • 337e25c Add Maintainer field to script variables
    • 332e36f Add Makefile
    • bfb4431 Add conflicts, replaces, provides to nfpm.Overridables
    • 3cf1e7f Add docs for configuration
    • 6c9f841 Add documentation
    • 75a6007 Add documentation about Like distros
    • 74adb91 Add option to disable like distros in decoder
    • c09574e Add options to package managers
    • 3ac715d Add prepare() function
    • c18d144 Add usage docs
    • 674cfe6 Ask user for confirmation if CPU arch doesn't match
    • a02a009 Disable like distros if LURE_DISTRO is set
    • a5c2ac6 Document functions in build-scripts.md
    • 93d5ad9 Factor in ID_LIKE variable and ARM variants when checking for overrides
    • b5bc721 Fix AUR badge
    • bb50b55 Fix apk remove command
    • 87c2a8b Fix build deps path in docs
    • ef1ea04 Fix path to build scripts docs
    • 3504656 If build dependencies exist, prompt to remove after build
    • c3aba08 Merge branch 'Arsen6331:master' into patch-2
    • 2880982 Merge branch 'master' of gitea
    • 6238542 Merge pull request #5 from vaporup/patch-2
    • 3194648 Merge pull request #9 from vaporup/patch-4
    • bdca0a5 Move cross-packaging instructions to usage docs
    • 6012f0f Move reading build vars to separate function
    • 1f39f5e Only set epoch if not equal to zero
    • dbe4cf9 Remove completed planned feature from README
    • fa76d95 Remove error when nop exec handler is executed
    • 46f79e4 Remove patches from planned features
    • 7d6d22c Require package() function to be present
    • 77c3ea7 Return EOF if Nop ReadWriteCloser is used
    • 8661721 Run gofmt
    • 29016fc Run gofmt
    • 7fa6dcf Set minimum Go version in module to 1.18
    • 98ffff4 Update README.md
    • 57a75aa Update README.md
    • 438eef3 Update README.md
    • 86706e8 Update configuration.md
    • 38edfe9 Update installation instructions