A go library for interfacing with InfiniTime firmware over BLE on Linux.
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FloralExMachina 2da80044b3 Remove MPRIS controls (#7)
This is the follow up PR for moving Mpris controls to itd

Co-authored-by: razorkitty <razorkitty@null.net>
Reviewed-on: https://gitea.arsenm.dev/Arsen6331/infinitime/pulls/7
Co-authored-by: FloralExMachina <william@null.org.uk>
Co-committed-by: FloralExMachina <william@null.org.uk>
2022-11-22 22:53:35 +00:00
blefs Assume MTU if not available from BlueZ 2022-10-25 12:36:34 -07:00
weather Use timestamp with timezone offset to (finally) fix weather issue 2022-10-20 01:41:15 -07:00
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music.go Add debug logging 2022-04-23 19:58:00 -07:00
navigation.go Use NavFlag type in SetFlag() 2022-11-06 20:20:15 -08:00
resources.go Close files properly when returning an error (Arsen6331/itd#29) 2022-10-17 12:49:49 -07:00



This is a go library for interfacing with InfiniTime firmware over BLE on Linux.

Go Reference


This library's import path is go.arsenm.dev/infinitime.


This library requires dbus, and bluez to function. These allow the library to use bluetooth, control media, control volume, etc.


sudo pacman -S dbus bluez --needed


sudo apt install dbus bluez


sudo dnf install dbus bluez


This library currently supports the following features:

  • Notifications
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Setting time
  • Battery level
  • Music control
  • OTA firmware upgrades
  • Navigation


The DFU process used in this library was created with the help of siglo's source code. Specifically, this file: ble_dfu.py