• v0.0.9 f33b3d2b56

    v0.0.9 Stable

    Elara6331 released this 2022-10-25 20:54:51 +00:00 | 71 commits to master since this release

    This release contains some important bug fixes.

    Various bugs in resource loading have been fixed, so if anyone has been having issues loading resources, try with this release, and it should work. The biggest issue was that I was asking BlueZ for the device's MTU, but BlueZ only recently added that feature, so people with older bluetooth stacks would have it return 0, which I then subtracted from, causing the unsigned integer to overflow, making ITD think it could send all the data at once.

    A really annoying bug in the weather feature that I have been experiencing along with KieranC has been fixed as well. Essentially, InfiniTime was expecting a UNIX timestamp with the timezone offset added, but ITD was sending normal timestamps, which do not have this offset. This meant that weather would work only in UTC- timezones, and since I am in a UTC- timezone while KieranC is in a UTC+ timezone, it worked for me but not for KieranC, and we couldn't figure out why for months. This has now been fixed, so whenever a weather UI is added, ITD will be completely ready.


    • 006f245 Add warning if current InfiniTime doesn't support BLE FS (#29)
    • c645872 Handle error events in itctl res load command (#29)
    • f33b3d2 Update infinitime library
    • 03f3968 Update infinitime library
    • dea92c6 Update infinitime library
    • d232340 Update infinitime library